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Version:    v4.1
File Size:   2.7 MB
MD5 Hash: 89871e75778eddfcc6f397090940b45e
Platform:   Windows NT, XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Google Ad Blocker

Release History
Version 4.1 :  11th Sep 2014
Removed false positive with various Antivirus solutions
Version 4.0 :  28th Jul 2014
Added support for blocking more Google Adsense domains. Also fixed few minor bugs.
Version 3.5 :  25th Feb 2014
Enhanced Google Ad blocking capabilities by integrating more Ad Links.
Version 3.0 :  17th Oct 2013
Improved GUI interface with magnifying icon effects.
Version 2.5 :  18th Sep 2013
Fixed the major issue with admin permissions. If you have got error in blocking Google Ads earlier even though you were administrator then it will work now.
Version 2.0 :  3rd Sep 2013
This major release supports blocking of more Google Ad Links. If you have already blocked Google Ads using previous version then just Unblock and Block again to apply new changes.
Version 1.0 :  13th Aug 2013
First public release of GoogleAdBlocker